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The Kovacs Family has been leading Bright Star Preschool since 2003, emphasizing excellence in early childhood education. Our goal is to offer a nurturing and quality educational experience by developing the whole child: intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually in a safe, clean and healthy environment.

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Vanessa Lynn

Meet Vanessa Lynn, the dedicated and passionate Director of Bright Star Preschool. Vanessa has been an integral part of the Bright Star family since 2012, initially showcasing her exceptional skills as an infant teacher. Her journey at Bright Star has been a testament to her unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions to the development and well-being of our youngest learners.

Vanessa is on the cusp of achieving her degree in Early Childhood Education, a testament to her commitment to ongoing professional development. She has actively pursued numerous training opportunities to stay abreast of the latest tools and methodologies that enhance the learning experience at Bright Star. Her dedication to continuous improvement ensures that our preschool remains at the forefront of early childhood education.

Vanessa's profound love for children and her unwavering dedication to the success of Bright Star make her an invaluable asset to our school community. We are fortunate to have Vanessa as our Director, and her passion continues to inspire and shape the bright futures of our young learners at Bright Star Preschool.


Jessica Meadows

Meet Jessica Meadows, the vibrant Assistant Director of Bright Star Preschool. Since joining our family in 2016 as a one-year-old teacher, Jessica has consistently demonstrated her exceptional skills in cultivating a nurturing learning environment for our little ones. Her ability to guide students through routines, spark their creativity with engaging crafts, and foster their curiosity has made a lasting impact on the preschool experience.

Currently on the brink of completing her degree in Early Childhood Education, Jessica is not only a dedicated educator but also one of our most accomplished coaches for training new team members. Her passion for instilling knowledge and fostering a supportive environment contributes significantly to the growth and success of our staff.

Bright Star Preschool is truly fortunate to have Jessica Meadows as part of our team. Her dynamic approach, commitment to professional development, and genuine care for the well-being of our students make her an invaluable asset to our preschool community. We are grateful for the positive influence she brings to both our team and the children in our care.


Ashley Cruz

Meet Ashley Cruz, the dedicated Managing Director of Bright Star Preschool. Ashley's journey with our preschool community began in 2009 when she applied for a summer position at our sister school. Her passion for education and her exceptional skills led her to the role of Assistant Director in 2012, and subsequently, she served as the Director at Bright Star Preschool for six fulfilling years.

In her current capacity, Ashley oversees not only Bright Star Preschool but also lends her expertise to our sister schools, New Discoveries Preschool and Creative Kids Preschool. Her commitment to early childhood education is reflected in her academic achievements, holding an Early Childhood Degree. Ashley's extensive background includes valuable experience working with children with special needs, where she passionately supports each child individually to ensure their unique needs are met.

Bright Star Preschool is privileged to have Ashley Cruz as our Managing Director. Her wealth of experience, qualifications, and genuine dedication to the well-being and development of each child make her an indispensable leader in our vibrant preschool community.

“Inspiring Bright Minds for a Bright Future”