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The Kovacs Family has been leading Bright Star Preschool since 2003, emphasizing excellence in early childhood education. Our goal is to offer a nurturing and quality educational experience by developing the whole child: intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually in a safe, clean and healthy environment.

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Pre-K: Butterflies

Welcome to the Pre-Kindergarten Class!

We understand that the Pre-Kindergarten stage is not only an exciting and incredible time in your child's development but also a crucial period for nurturing their abilities and supporting cognitive growth, as they undergo rapid development. That's why our preschool is dedicated to crafting a comprehensive and enriching curriculum that caters to all facets of your child's growth.

Our commitment to your child's development is reflected in our well-balanced curriculum. This curriculum is designed to facilitate progress in core pre-academic skills such as literacy, math, social studies, and science. Simultaneously, we place a strong emphasis on nurturing creativity and well-being through engagement in art, music, and health and wellness activities.

In addition to these foundational areas, our uniquely developed Bible curriculum holds a special place in our educational approach. It's designed not only to impart spiritual wisdom but also to encourage your child's spiritual development. Through these teachings, your child will learn the values of trust in God and kindness towards others, fostering their character and emotional growth.

Safe and Engaging Environment

Our classroom has been meticulously organized into a range of captivating learning centers, each designed to offer children a diverse array of opportunities for both education and play. These thoughtfully curated centers encompass:

1. Art and Writing Center: A space where young artists can unleash their creativity through drawing, painting, and writing.

2. Sand-Water Table: An area for hands-on exploration and sensory learning, where children can experiment with sand and water.

3. Library: A cozy corner filled with books to spark a love for reading and storytelling.

4. Blocks: A place where budding architects and engineers can build and construct to their heart's content.

5. Dramatic Play: A realm where imaginative play takes center stage, allowing children to immerse themselves in various roles and scenarios.

6. Fine Motor Center: An area that hones fine motor skills through activities such as puzzles, threading, and crafting.

7. Math and Science Center: A hub for discovering mathematical concepts and scientific wonders through hands-on experiments and activities.

In addition to these engaging centers that promote cooperative play among peers, we recognize the importance of quiet and independent moments for children. Therefore, we have intentionally designated areas where children can have some solitude and engage in individual activities.

Performances & Graduation

At our preschool, we hold a deep commitment to academic excellence, but we also cherish the opportunity to strengthen the bonds between our school and families through memorable and heartwarming performances.

During the festive holiday season, our talented students come together to stage a delightful Christmas play, a special occasion where they showcase their creativity and talents to their families.

As the school year draws to a close in May, our students participate in a captivating end-of-year play and performance, which is followed by a formal preschool graduation ceremony. This event marks a significant milestone in the children's educational journey, and it's a moment of pride and celebration for both our students and their families.

These performances not only provide a platform for our students to shine but also serve as heartwarming occasions where our preschool community comes together to celebrate the joy of learning and the growth of our young learners. We invite you to join us in these wonderful moments of togetherness and achievement.

“Inspiring Bright Minds for a Bright Future”