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Welcome to our 2’s classroom!

Tucson Preschool 2 year oldTucson Preschool 2 year old class – As your toddler is continuing to grow so is their curiosity and desire to learn.  As they actively explore the world around them they are beginning to learn to communicate their thoughts and feelings. We will keep their small hands busy and minds engaged through numerous activities to develop the whole child. Social skills are encouraged through teaching our children to take turns, use gentle hands, and play cooperatively with their peers.

We divide our 2’s class into 2 smaller primary care groups with consistent teachers to ensure continuity of care. This allows the child and teacher to develop a closer bond so that teacher can better meet each child’s individual needs.  The teachers are also then able to support each child’s developmental needs by differentiating activities in these smaller group sizes.


 Learning through Play

Tucson Preschool 2 Year Olds Class

In our toddler class, we continue the approach that the best way to teach a child is through play and exploration. However, we do begin to introduce more teacher directed activities. We provide multiple themes that are not only interesting, but also enrich their learning experience by expanding their knowledge of the world around them. Our multi-experiential curriculum consists of a variety of activities in line with the Arizona early learning standards. Our curriculum supports growth and development in the following areas: language and literacy, Spanish, creative art, science, math, engineering, social studies, music and movement, dramatic play,  health and safety, social and emotional skills, cognitive and physical development. We write learning objectives for our students each week based on their current progress and academic needs.

Our day starts with circle time, where the children are invited to join into songs, games, and stories. We also introduce concepts such as: ABC’s, Colors, Shapes, Opposites, Body Parts, Spanish and Counting. Next, we offer a creative art project daily.   During art time children are encouraged to create freely and express themselves individually. We work hard to cultivate their creativity and provide them with various art materials and mediums to do so. At Bright Star Preschool, we focus more on the process by which our children create rather than the actual product that they are making.

We also help foster their independence by encouraging self-help skills, such as pulling up their pants, putting on their shoes, washing hands, throwing their trash away, and cleaning up toys.

Tucson Preschool 2 Year Old Class Building Blocks
Tucson Preschool 2 Year Old Class 3 wheeler

Outside Play!

Toddlers love to be outside where they can play and explore.  We have a fun, shaded toddler playground, filled with a variety of areas which will support your child’s gross motor development. The toddler playground contains  a large sandbox with a climber complete with slides, a large cemented area for children to ride tricycles and other vehicles, a dramatic play area,  a sand-water table and a basketball hoop. They also have a garden and grow flowers and vegetables.


Potty Training

In this class, we specialize in potty-training. We have created 3 hand-outs for our parents to make this potentially challenging task as easy as possible. We know that all children potty-train at their own pace but when they are ready, we work hard to support and motivate the children to want to use the toilet on their own. It is our goal to help your child successfully reach this milestone by the time they are three so that they will be able to move up to the next class, if they are developmentally ready. Our toddler classroom also has its own bathroom, with two child size toilets.


Safe and Engaging Room

The toddler classroom has been designed in a way to best support children’s desire to explore, play and learn as well as the teachers need to supervise, teach and cultivate your child’s specific developmental skills. The classroom is divided into centers (cozy area, books, art, fine motor, dramatic play, blocks and cars, and sand/water table), providing children with adequate room to play, rest and create. We believe that hands-on exploration and social interaction in safe, engaging surroundings will provide a wonderful opportunity for your child to grow.


Communicating with our Parents

We verbally communicate with our parents at pick-up details about your child’s activities, nap time, potty-training notes and other interesting information about their day.  We have a white board in the classroom with daily events and their weekly curriculum is posted.  There is a parent board in the lobby and menus are posted there too. We have an open door policy, and invite our parents to come by anytime. Our teachers also work hard to ensure that they capture and document many of your child’s developmental milestones, through our individual portfolios and developmental checklist. 

Parent-Teacher conferences are offered twice a year, once in the Fall to get to know your child’s teacher and class routines and then in the Spring to discuss their progress and review their portfolio.  We can also schedule additional conferences as needed.


Tucson Preschool - Bright Star Learning Center 

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